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Accounting is the art of recording, classifying and summarizing the financial transactions in a fundamental style. Undoubtedly, accounting is the universal language of business and accountants are the one who can speak this language eloquently. The objective behind recording this transaction is to evaluate performance, financial position, and cash flow position of the business as it further helps to take crucial decisions such as where to invest, more capital should be infused or not, how much money is required to be borrowed, etc. The accounting transactions are recorded in a journal in a systematic order and passing of these entries is called journal entry. Accounting includes making and maintaining ledgers and it is done with an aim to find out if a business is making the profit or going into loss. After making the accounting records, this financial information is compiled with financial statements which consist of an income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and annexure forming part of above. Every account maintained under business is divided into three types i.e. personal, real and nominal accounts. They are basically nature of accounts. Lately, accountancy has expanded itself into various kind of accounting to fulfill the needs of different users. Therefore, today, accounting is broadly categorized into financial, management, government, tax, forensic, project and social.
Accounting homework can really be nerve-racking. To have an accurate answer not only an extreme practice of practical problems is required but also students should do the theory with scrupulous attention. Students do struggle with accounts homework as they, sometimes; have no clue about the given work. Accountancy is also about calculations, which students find pain-staking and time consuming. Also, often students are not provided with the right environment as required for homework and therefore they are mostly found distracted. Their lack of interest instigates them to pile up their work and thereby they ends up submitting either incomplete or no homework at all.
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