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College homework is a task which is given to the students during the academic term. Homework is a daily activity given by the teacher/lecturers to the students. It is a part of the daily academic curriculum where a student is bound to complete it in time. Homework teaches a student how to manage time. By assigning homework to the students, teachers can easily determine that how well the lessons and materials are understood by the students in the class. Homework enables a student to solve a problem easily in a new situation. Moreover, homework helps a parent to see what their child is learning in the school. It teaches a student how to take responsibility which is a part of educational process. They learn to do the things in an organised and in a disciplined manner. Students should understand the intrinsic value of homework and take the responsibility of doing it correctly and handling it on time. Moreover, homework teaches a student where their strength is and where they need to pay more attention. Students get to learn more while doing homework. Students can research more on the topic given as a homework which they cannot do during school hours. This is the best way to polish their managerial skills.
Although homework is quite important and essential task for the students but students always face problems while completing it. They find it less interesting. In order to avoid homework, most of the students try to copy it from others and submit it. At a college level, students find utmost difficulty in completing it. Sometimes the homework assigned to the students is out of the syllabus. They fail to collect all the materials required to complete their task. Lack of proper environment is also a vital reason why students fail to complete their homework in time. With all other academic works, students are so tired that that they want to escape from doing this task.
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