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It is hard to imagine the world without finance. Finance is the root of economics. Therefore, finance is also a branch of economics. Hence, finance is a branch of economics that deals with resource allocation, resource management, assets acquisition, and investments. Finance word is derived from a French word. The dictionary meaning of finance is “the management of money” as finance is also concerned with money and market. Finance deals with the exchange of resources therefore whether it is an exchange of money or things (barter system). Primarily, meaning of finance changes as per its user i.e. it will hold one meaning in economics and other in business. Finance is the management of money and money is a necessity, therefore, it makes finance an inevitable part of everyone’s day-to-day life. It helps in deciding the price of an asset based on its rate of return. Also, finance aims at maximizing shareholder’s wealth. Further, it can be divided into 3 categories namely public, corporate and personal fiancé. Borrowing money from a financial institution with a promise to repay principal amount along with interest at the due date is known as financing. Whether finance is an art or science is still a topic of debate.
Finance is a technical subject, involving lots of practical application. To be flawless at finance solutions, one needs to be well acquitted with the basic concepts and terminology of the subject. Hit and trial do not work here, students need rigorous practice to get the correct answer in the first place and due to lack of time management they fail to practice multiple questions. Students lacking in analytical skills also find finance homework challenging as the subject includes graphical representations for which detail study needs to conducted, conclusion to be drawn. There are is no room for mistake when it comes to financing homework; solutions need to be 100% accurate.
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