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The mathematical science that involves the application of principles of quantitative nature to collect, analyze, and present numerical data is termed as statistics. The practice utilizes data assembled from the targeted population to be able to describe the results meaningfully and also to draw conclusions that can help make informed decisions. The population can be anything from society to weather and it is the statistician that determines which model is appropriate to get the information from and also the type and kind of data that should be assembled. The statisticians are the ones who use their knowledge of quantitative information to design the data assembling schemes; they make the evaluation on the dependability of the data to predict the future events confidently. Statisticians are required to be present in every field of the economy for example in the medicinal department to predict in advance the effect the medicine will have on the people, the government also needs statisticians to know the economy better and make decisions that benefit the citizens. Knowledge of statistics is essential as it helps make the decisions in advance which according to the right calculations always generate correct results. The subject of statistics requires regular practice because more than calculations it is about the way the mind can determine the appropriate source of data collection.
The students in schools and colleges receive homework on a regular basis and it becomes difficult to complete each on time. Therefore, the numerical subjects like statistics seldom find it place in the homework completion list of the students. The teachers give the homework that enables the students to practice the sums whereas the students who have already done the same in class are less than likely to do it at home as well. The ignorance of the students towards the theoretical knowledge of statistics creates a major problem for them in solving the questions practically as they are not aware of where they can apply the formulas correctly.
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